Hippocrates' Daughter


About Us

Vegan Food Fit For the Hungriest Carnivore

After health issues and allergies forced us to alter our way of eating, we made it our mission to provide wholesome, delicious food to the Niagara region that would satisfy vegans and non-vegans alike; all while eliminating animal products entirely.


Our Story


Aisha is the mind behind the food at Hippocrates' Daughter; coming from a background of cooking at home as well as working in restaurant kitchens for almost 10 years. All of her recipes emerged from a dairy allergy shared by her and her son and aim to emulate all of their favourite foods - minus the animal products!


Jen's battle with cancer was what founded the idea to start the restaurant after modern medicine wasn't taking care of a stubborn skin cancer. She traveled to Mexico to seek alternative treatment and returned a vegetarian - a lifestyle change that continued to the rest of the family and thus became the idea for Hippocrates' Daughter.


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